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Lifestyle believes in the priority of your wellbeing and fitness; this being the foremost concern thereof.

We nurture the products’ source material in best available atmosphere with love and care. The land and farms we use are fertile enough that we do not need to add synthetic fertilizers therein. Climatic conditions are favorable and thus, the products you use are the best amongst all other brands.

We have certain principles, against which we do not go. These standards are highly important for Lifestyle because they serve as source of inspiration and encouragement for the whole Lifestyle family.

    We do not compromise your wellbeing, and this is why we  grow the herbs and Flowers ourselves, under absolute supervision and hardworking management. The land used for cultivation purposes is fertile, and we avoid usage of artificial stimulants. We believe that nature takes best care of its products, thus there is no need to involve man-made enhancers. This is why you will notice the difference between our products and other brands.
  • No Genetic Engineering:
    There is a lot of difference between natural products and those which are produced via genetic engineering. We do not use ANY genetically modified material in our products, because our aim is to render natural products unleash from the laps of nature to our customers.
  • No Fumigation:
    As the herbs we use are fresh, we do not have to take refuge with fumigation and irradiation. These methods are popular amongst those manufacturers who use dried and stored herbs. We are different; we use fresh flowers,herbs and other essential material.

Based on these principles, we assure you that your healthiness and safety is our primary concern. This is why we never negotiate our standards.

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