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Environmental Protection


We are committed to preventing activities and conditions that might pose a threat to the environment. We will strive to conserve natural resources and eliminate any releases to water, air and land that may harm human health or the environment. Continuous improvement in our environmental performance will be one of our goals.


Energy Conservation



We attempt to use energy efficiently throughout our operations and we support the wise use of energy by our customers and our suppliers.


Risk Reduction


We will minimize environmental, health and safety risks to our employees and the communities in which we operate by employing safe technologies and operating procedures. We encourage employees to report any conditions that could be harmful to the environment or pose health or safety hazards, so prompt preventive or corrective actions can be taken.



We will communicate our commitment to environmental protection to our employees, suppliers and customers. We will solicit their input in meeting our goals, and in turn will offer assistance to meet their goals.




We will seek to prevent pollution before it is produced, reduce the amount of waste at our facilities, and ask our customers and suppliers for their support in these prevention efforts.


Management System


As the international trade develops rapidly, in order to adapt to the internationalized trend of product and capital movement, our company posses certification of HACCP and ISO-9001-2008 Quality Management System, which is authorized all over the world. The certification provides a systemic structure for the company to improve its management and make the products and business in conformity with our expectation.

Taking “Special quality and environmental protection; pursue excellence and create future” as tenet, and “Client focused and leader acted; total involvement, persistent improvement, and mutual benefit relationship” as principle, the company implements performance improvement on leadership group.


In management, the company continuously intensifies quality management, improves enterprise benefit, strengthens clients’ confidence, and expands market share, which efficiently avoids product responsibility, defines individual responsibility and makes the management system clear and definite.


By training, our employees know more about the importance of quality and their work requirements, which basically guarantees the product quality, reduces management and lost cost, improves benefit, provides confidence of clients and potential clients, upgrades enterprise image, strengthens competitiveness, and meets market’s demands.

Relying on such management system and effective methods, the company improves its operation capability and makes the company and person confident to sell their products worldwide.

We believe that we will only achieve our business objectives by providing the highest levels of service and quality of products to customers and suppliers.

This means we are fully focused on service at all times; it is the cornerstone of LIFESTYLE approach to business.

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