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As with all new endeavors, it has taken a good deal of effort to get to this stage from its inception. We now have a full complement of staff that is well versed in their profession. They have earned their spurs, achieving a good deal of respect within their client base as well as in the context of the international  networks in which we operate.


The Lifestyle’ role in bringing about and most importantly sustaining competition, while at the same time creating an environment that is investment friendly is far from being universally understood


The participation of our staff in an international business has contributed in a most significant way to our development as individuals and as a corporate entity.Life Style pride itself on taking a professional approach to all its business activities.


Lifestyle has the breadth and depth of products, logistical infrastructure and technical expertise to meet the most exacting of customer requirements. The Company is managed by highly qualified professionals and well trained technical personals with vast experience in the industry.


The ISO-9001 and HACCP marks provide an unrivalled, independent confirmation of products quality and reliability to offer  ultimate users with tangible assurance and peace of mind.


We hope we can become your sincere cooperator in your way towards success,and create the beautiful future together with you.  



We are always concerned about and listen to our customers on product quality and technology safety aspects, with leading-edge technology, the pioneering and innovative spirit, and actively seek solutions to meet customer needs.


All the people in Lifestyle will unite as one, forge ahead, worked hard, view the whole country and scan widely the world, pursuing to get to the high stage” exerting what is humanly possible to do, mastering what is professionally possible to go" Lead to the development of Lifestyle products , and become a responsible enterprise.


We must carry forward national industry and strive for creating international brand, providing better technology in the new strategy of global economy. 



General Manager  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________


A company in its nature resembles to a fruit orchard in many respects. A company’s products can be placed in assimilation to fruits of an orchard, its human resources can be compared to trees and its repute can be seen by virtue of fertility of the orchard.


Therefore, as far as area of my responsibilities is concerned, I am like a gardener of this orchard. Primarily, I have to grow fruits for this company and sell them in the market.


I have to take care all of its departments to get the best results for the company.


My vision is to bring Lifestyle among top line FMCG companies of Pakistan by owning the mission of a constant growth level in Production, Sales & Human Resource in coming years.




Finance Manager  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________


Organizations are more effective when managers choose the correct goals and then achieve them through Planning, Organizing, Leading & Controlling.

In leading, managers determine directions, state clear vision for employees to follow and help employees understand the role they play in attain goals.

It is top priority for me to keep management well informed in time about the accounts and financial matters of the company and enabling them to take strategic decision in time.

For this purpose I am leading a team of committed professionals to manage the accounts and financial matters of my organization. As the reports of accounts department plays the key role to take measures how efficiently and effectively minimize the input of resources.


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