Natural Hina

Gives an excellent and long lasting result and increasing hair shine

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Lifestyle Natural Hina Powder is good for Hair Growth and color, it also soften your hair, prevent baldness and hair falling. You can also enhance the effect by adding vinegar and/or lemon juice to it. This is beneficial for oily hair.


Hina Powder (Lawsonia inermis Plant)

Instruction for Use:

  • Wash the hair whit soap or shampoo before using.
  • Unpack Lifestyle Natural Hina powder into a bowl and pour 20ml water in it to make the paste.
  • Apply the paste to hair with a brush. Parting hair into small bunches for easier and better application.
  • Let the pasted hair absorb colour completely for 2 – 3 hour, then wash the hair with water and soap or shampoo.


It should not be use for dyeing eye lashes or eye brows.

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Pack Size:

Lifestyle Natural Hina Powder available in

  • 75gm Sachet.


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