4 Season Joshanda (Chocolate)


(أربعة الموسم جوشا ندہ  (شاي اعشاب طبيعي



Lifestyle 4 Season Joshanda is a instant herbal tea made up of blend of unique Herbs. 


  • Lifestyle 4 Season Joshanda helps in relief of Cold, Cough, Flu and Congestion.
  • Upper and lower Respiratory catarrh

Direction of Usage:

  • Dissolve 1 Pack in a Cup of Hot Water, Tea OR Coffee
  • Take slow sips of Lifestyle Natural Herbal Tea.

Disclaimer: Product Composition may slightly vary for Regulatory compliance in various regions.

Pack Size:

Lifestyle 4 Season Joshanda (Chocolate) is available in:

Pack Size

Bar Code / GTIN No.
5 gm Sachet Box Packing (1 X 30)



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