LifeStyle International(Private)Limited a value based organization(VBO), an icon of trust and reliability is one of the leading quality manufacturers of Herbal Medicine & Natural Food Products in Pakistan and in the SAARC region.

Our leading edge in marketing is that we have a big chain of distribution channel throughout the Country and a name in export to many countries like Afghanistan, KSA,UAE,UK and Canada. LifeStyle is member of LCCI-LAHORE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY, and has won the best consumer choice awards.

Our well experienced team of professionals is always busy and happy to promote and join hands with all communities arround the globe to explore new opportunities and business ventures in Pakistan & abroad.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the continuous encouragement and support to our esteemed consumers,distributors and clients We are pleased to be working in different axes to completely fulfill customer satisfaction which is the milestone of our business strategy.Such axes are:


1. Product quality complying with international standards with TQM(Total Quality Management System) under:

  • ISO-9001 : Quality Management System
  • ISO-14001:Environmental Management System
  • ISO-18001:Health & Safety Management System(OHSAS)
  • HACCP and

2. Our state of the art manufacturing plant,latest testing equipments and the strict quality procedures ensure the product quality and integrity.

3. LifeStyle International (Private)Limited keeps on frequently testing its products on regular basis from third party internationally reputable Labs such as Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority (PSQCA), Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (PCSIR).

4. The Group,s exceptional growth and operational excellence has been awarded with strong business competencies that has served solid foundation for expansion of our Portfolio into many new markets.This fast growing network of offices,subsidries and unique concept of teamwork is beginning to exert a global reach by strengthening the existing businesses and exploring new opportunities in the region.

5. We complement the reputed chain of Distributors and super Stores allover Pakistan and abroad for their trust and confidence who have been selling our leading brand of quality on their outlets every day on regular basis.

6. Our range of products

  1. Honey (Best selected-100% pure & natural)
  2. Herbal Tea/Joshanda (4-Season)
  3. Ispaghol.
  4. Shan e Mashriq.
  5. Mashrobaat(Badam,Imli Alu Bukhara,Falsa,Gulab.Ellachi and Anar).
  6. Olive oil and many other oils.
  7. CoughZero.
  8. Fruits Vinegar
  9. Rose Water /Arq-e-Gulab and many more arqiaat.
  10. Toot Siyah
  11. Amla Hair Oil
  12. Mustard Oil.
  13. GetSmat(Arq e Mahzil)

7. In addition to the stated packaging and sizes in our brochure, we also have our range of bulk packs under our own brand LifeStyleTM. We also undertake orders from arround the world for private labels/distributor,s own brands.

8. Our well experienced team of professionals, along with the appointed independent International survey and Analysis Company(AGS), will ensure we meet a consistent standard of quality and deliver the same fine quality to our customers.

9. Our international certifications from American Global Standards(AGS) and conformance with various world class quality stanards are solid testimonies to our untiring efforts to achieve excellent quality both in our manufacturing process and at our end products.

10. For more than 10-years in business of Herbs and Natural Food Products we have grown steadily based on sound business philosophy of providing high quality products right on-time using leading edge technology backed by unfailing excellence in customer services and faster turnaround time to maintain customer loyalty.

These are the beliefs and values that give us strength and confidence to maintain strategic business relationship on the priciple of merit to continue to grow,excell and succeed in the exciting years ahead.

With profound regards

Yours sincerely

Mian Safdar Hussain