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Cool Rub Balm

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Lifestyle Cool Rub Natural Balm is is prepared from all natural and fine quality ingredients. It has unique formula that works in the triple way manner. It is quickly absorbed and efficiently reaches the required site and soothes bodily discomforts. It provides rapid relief from blocked nose, cough and decrease effects of cold. It makes breathing easy.


Ext. Cinnamomum cassia ………..7%
Ext. Syncarpia glomulifera ………4.68%
Ext. Mentha piperita ……………..3.76%
Ext. Eucalyptus globulus ……..….2.51%
Ext. Juniperus virginiana ……..….1.02%
Ext. Myristica fragrans …….…….1%
Ext. Trachyspermum ammi ….…..0.20%
Base add to q.s ……………….…..100%


Rapid relief from blocked nose, cough, and decrease effects of cold & makes breathing easy.


Lifestyle Cool Rub Balm can be used by rubbing & inhalation.


On Neck & Chest that clears the blocked nose.
On back that warms the body any relieves from cold.
On Throat that helps in the releases of cough.


For quick relief from congestion pour one tea spoon of Lifestyle COOL RUB Balm in hot water and inhale its vapors deeply.


Only for external applications.
Do not put in nose or swallow.
Never expose it to flame.
Keep tightly closed after use.
Store at cool & dry place.
Keep out of reach of children.

Consult physician if the symptoms persist

(Prepared according to Pakistan Tibbi Pharmacopoeia)


In case of rashes or allergic reaction, discontinue the use and if symptoms persist consult your doctor. Under 2 years children, pregnant and nursing women consult physician before use.

Barcode:  8964000014660


Lifestyle Cool Rub Natural Balm is available in 25gm.


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