Rose Water

Extracted from Pure and Fresh Rose Petals

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Lifestyle Arq-e-Gulaab is one of the most popular and pure product of lifestyle international which through its quality fragrance and efficacy has surpassed all other rose waters. It is distilled from fresh roses using special technique which absolutely preserve its delicate ingredients.


Rosa damascena mill 10gm/10ml


Lifestyle Arq-e-Gulaab is recommended in;

  • For beautiful glowing skin
  • Refreshes the face & skin
  • Excellent moisturizer and makeup remover
  • Effective as mild cardiac and nervous tonic
  • Very effective for irritation, redness and inflammation of eye.
  • Mild laxative especially for infants as antiseptic tonic
  • Chronic, recurrent and acute constipation

For Common Use:

For beautiful and glowing skin, gently rub few drops to the face.
For eye problems put 3-4 drops 3-4 times daily.


  • For children up to 1 year 5 ml (1 spoon full) 1-2 times daily
  • For children more than 1 year 10ml(2 spoon full) 2-3 times daily
  • For adults 10ml (2 spoon full) 3-4 times daily


  • 25ml drops:             8964000014301
  • 50ml drops:             8964000014370
  • 50ml:             8964000014448
  • 120ml:             8964000014332
  • 120ml Spray:             8964000014356
  • 250ml:             8964000014585
  • 800ml:             8964000014394


  • Store at cool dry place and protect from light.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Lifestyle Arq-e-Gulaab is distilled from pure fresh rose petals. In some cases active ingredients are separated in distillate which Should be used after well shaking

Pack Size:

Lifestyle Rose Water available in:

  • 25ml dropper
  • 50ml dropper
  • 50ml bottle
  • 120ml bottle
  • 120ml Spray
  • 250ml bottle
  • 800ml bottle


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