Sharabt Badam

Refreshing, exhilarant and pleasant tasting syrup

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Life Style Sharbat Badaam is made from sweet Prunus amygdalus. This is why its exclusive taste and quality never deteriorates. The remarkable quality of this syrup is that it is completely free from artificial essence.


Prunus amygdalus, Refined Sugar, Citric Acid E-330, Sodium Benzoate E-211, Elettaria Cardamomum

Nutritional Chat:

Energy                                        576Cal/100ml                               

Fat                                                       432g

Carbohydrate                                     40.32g

Protein                                                 241.92g

Calcium                                               149.76mg

Iron                                                     115.2mg

Magnesium                                          385.92mg

Potassium                                            115.2mg

Barcode:   8964000014325

Serving Instructions:

25ml concentrated syrup in 225ml of chilled water.

Storage Conditions:

Shake well before use.
Store in cool and dry place
Protect from sunlight and moisture.

Note: Lifestyle syrups are prepared from the purest herbs (active ingredients) are sometimes suspended in the syrups which should be used after shaking.

This product may contain traces of nuts.

(Product of Pakistan)

Pack Size:

Lifestyle Sharbat-e-Badaam available in 800ml


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