Sharbat Imli Aaloo Bokhara


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Lifestyle Sharbat Imli Aloo Bukhara is a thirst quencher, refresher and a superb cool beverage to chill your body and soul in summer season. It not only reduces the heat effects but also gives cool fresh feeling.


Tamarindus indica (Tamarind Pulp), Prunus domestica (Plum), Refined Sugar, Citric Acid E-330, Sodium Benzoate E-211, Food Grade Color E-160a

Nutritional Value:

Energy                       256 Kcal/100gm                       

Total Fat                          0.48g

Cholesterol                        0mg

Carbohydrates                   66g

Protein                               2.3g

Sodium                              23mg

Potassium                          501mg

Calcium                             6%

Iron                                    13%

Vit.A                                  1%

Vit.C                                  7%

Barcode:   8964000014103

Serving Instructions:

25ml concentrated syrup in 225ml chilled water, you may also add salt/rock salt and black pepper to enhance taste.

Storage Conditions:

Shake well before use.
Store in cool and dry place
Protect from sunlight and moisture.

NOTE : Lifestyle syrups are prepared from the purest herbs (active ingredients) are sometimes suspended in the syrups which should be used after shaking.

This product may contain traces of nuts.

(Product of Pakistan)

Pack Size:

Lifestyle Sharbat-e-Imli Aloo Bukhara available in 800ml


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